Harmony Acres Farms Testimonials


 "We love our puppy from Harmony Acres Farms. I have shared the website with multiple friends already. The puppy is so calm and gentle, he is honestly the perfect puppy for my small children. He came home in excellent health (very plump so you can tell he's always been fed well), no fleas or worms etc. I would recommend one of these dogs to anyone who wants a Great Pyrenees"

~Jennifer Mutchler-Babu


***** 5 Stars From: Justin6 Koeck

"Had an absolutely wonderful experience with the Harmony Acres family! We took home 2 puppies and they are absolute angels - they were well loved, healthy and happy - and that translated to their well being in their new home!

Highly recommend!! A lovely family that passes on their love and pride in their puppies, which makes them priceless additions to their new homes!!"

~Bruce & Amanda Hopkins


"We have been extremely happy with our puppy from Harmony Acres!! The family is so wonderful, so dedicated to providing the best for their dogs, and the puppies seem very well cared for and well adjusted. Our little Koda has acclimated very well to our little farm, and is gradually getting used to all of our other pets and livestock, which he will someday guard. He quickly picked up many commands, and has become best buddies with our older dog. He was housebroken in a matter of days, and his calm demeanor is a huge plus. When outside, he sticks right around the house, and has befriended all the neighbors and their dogs. He is a huge hit around here! Thanks so much for our awesome new addition! We look forward to many years of farm life with him by our side! :)"

~Jack Tessier 


"I had a very good experience meeting and picking up my puppy! They are very nice people!!! Would definitely recommend Harmony Acres to anyone looking for a Great Pyrenees pup!!!!"

~Ashlie Brittain 


"We had a wonderful experience here. Our puppy Layla, is a really beautiful dog. She has a gorgeous stance, and she is healthy and has been a wonderful asset to our family. I was specifically looking for a Great Pyrenees as I have a son with special needs and I needed a very gentle, protective and playful breed. I truly think the owners are concerned about the health of their puppies and I am grateful we found this place!"

~Erin Pulles


"Wonderful experience ♥️! We were encouraged to take our time and didn't feel rushed at all. This family is so so nice, and they know each puppy and their personalities. It's very clear they care so much about their pups getting placed in the right home."

~Stephanie Eisentrout


"Sweetest folks they take real good care of the puppies" 

~Carol Snead 


*****  5 Stars From: Dana Curtin


 "This is a family that truly loves their dogs. I have never met breeders who are so invested in their puppies. This is probably why I have brought not one but two puppies from them. Our first one was so perfect that we knew we need another one to complete our family. There was not a doubt that we would be returning for another of their puppies. They are both so loving, gentle, and goofy in their own way. They both have brought so much joy into our family."

~Morgan Stephens  


"From our first contact with Harmony Acres through the day we brought our girl home, it was a wonderful experience. Harmony Acres truly loves their dogs, and their puppies. They are warm, caring and kind folks who welcomed us for visits (pre-Covid), answered all of our many questions, and nearly a year later still stay in touch. As for our puppy, she is now nearly a year old, 90 pounds, healthy and beautiful with the kindest soul and temperament we have ever experienced in a dog. I would not hesitate to get another puppy from Harmony Acres, and I highly recommend everyone to reach out to them if you are looking for the highest quality well-bred Great Pyrenees, who from day one are raised with love and great care. Well Done Harmony Acres and thank you for raising and sharing such beautiful dogs with us."

~Georgia Myers


***** 5 Stars From: Raven Brooks 


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
"Wonderful family, incredibly beautiful, healthy and loving puppies."
~Genya Kolomeisky
"A great experience getting a puppy from this family! They were very responsive to all questions before and after the puppy arrived. Very generous with their time to accommodate visiting. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great puppy!"
~Nathan Borsheim 


Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

"Brought home a beautiful puppy with the perfect personality for our family. Harmony Acres was professional, responsive and we think our fur baby is of perfect quality for our family."

~Patricia Gloy

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

"Harmony Acres Farms (the Johnson family) is our breeder of choice for Great Pyrenees livestock guardians. Our first Harmony Acres dog, Patches, is now 4 years old, weighs a lean 120 lbs and has been in perfect health. He protects 100+ certified organic free-range poultry day and night over 10 fenceless acres. Our farms predator death rate is virtually non-existent with Patches on the job. In Virginia, Patches lives outdoors year round and also protects the house and family from all strangers but willing accepts maintenance workers once we introduce them. In December 2020, we welcomed our second Harmony Acres puppy, Blizzard, who is a smart and inquisitive 8-week old. He is quickly learning voice commands and indoor potty-training. His biological uncle, Patches, is quickly teaching Blizzard dog etiquette, what property to patrol, not to chase poultry and elementary outdoor sounds/smells which should trigger predator protection measures. We would recommend Harmony Acres Farms Pyrenees for anyone looking for a canine guardian (human or livestock) or gentle canine companion."

~Linna Walz 


***** 5 Stars From: Myra Blake 


***** 5 Stars From: Miguel Halling



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

"Great people! Beautiful puppies and Dogs!"

~Karen Mielguj 



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

"Harmony Acres Farms is Awesome! We adopted our pup Astrid from them in the Fall of 2019. She has been such a Joy to have around and has blended very well with our family. She is always a Happy and Healthy pup with a Huge Smile and lots of Love. She will be two years old this June. :)

We would definitely recommend Harmony Acres Farms. They were easy to work with, very friendly, and honest. Thank You!!"

~Ross Tanner 


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
"They are awesome!! We got a puppy about 2 months ago his name is Apollo now they called him tiny Tim ! They are a great family we love them ! We told some friends to get some puppies!"
~Liza Aslami 
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
"What a great experience! First time buying a puppy from them. They were great to deal with, very responsive to our questions and we could tell the puppies, and the adult dogs, as well, were well cared for. I would fully recommend them to anyone looking for a new puppy. And I’m NOT a paid spokesman or relative. However, I consider them friends now."
~Alvin Petitt 

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

"Our pup that came from Harmony Acres is one of the best dogs we have ever had. He has the best personality and is so handsome. Our family would not be complete without him. Everyone we dealt with were friendly, courteous and answered all the questions we had. This is our first Great Pyrenees and we would absolutely get another from Harmony Acres."
~Nicole Ausherman 

"These people really CARE about their puppies! They take great care of the mommy and Her babies. They are reliable, Responsive, GREAT Value, Professional, and Great Quality! Highly Recommend them to anyone looking for a Great Pyrenees Puppy!"
~Friends of Animals 
"I had a wonderful experience at Harmony Acres Farms. They were really kind and had consistent communication throughout the process which was important to me being that I lived so far away.

During my first meeting, I was allowed to see their living environment and meet the parents and that made me feel even more confident about my decision because I got to see potential characteristics my boy may have. The other thing I commend this family for is their honesty about the parent's health history. You never really know what will be passed down genetically, but at least knowing the family history allows you to be a little prepared. I've only had my pup for a short period, but he's absolutely the sweetest boy ever and SUPER DUPER smart! He's healthy, active (sometimes) and adapting well to his environment with an eagerness to learn.

Overall, HAF did an amazing job raising these puppies and I recommend anyone looking for a Great Pyrenees puppy to consider visiting HAF!"
~Amber Jones

"The girls at Harmony Acres are wonderful. Every interaction has been pleasant. I trust them and that is the key for me. I want to trust people I buy from, no matter whether it’s a dog or a car. I want them to know their business and I want to be able to trust them. Harmony Acres checks all the boxes.
We have a beautiful all white Pyrenees!"
~Joel Macbeth
"Deborah Trust is a fantastic family member. She was almost hand selected for me by Hope (I think) and the fit is perfect. She's amazing. Smart, inquisitive yet cautious, gregarious, beautiful, and the list goes on! Our experience was wonderful and I feel the HAF family is our family too. We enjoyed talking, sharing information, and the entire experience. I wish you all the best and look forward to how HAFs develops. Oh...spelling of Deborah in Hebrew is D'Vorah. :-). Will send photos soon! Feel free to post that cool one you took of us."
~Greg & Sharon Moseley 

"From the moment we decided to add a Great Pyrenees to our farm and made contact with Harmony Acres Farms we knew we had found the right breeder! We asked questions which were promptly answered. After careful research we decides to add not 1 but 2 puppies to keep our chicken flock safe. We visited our puppies (River and Hunter) now Freya and Hunter, many times so we got to know our future fur babies. They have been such a delight and are already exploring and learning to be great farm hands."
~Jamie Rutherford 
 "Loving Family Raising Amazing Great Pyrenees!! Harmony Acres Farms presently breeds 1 litter of GP's per year and what a special group of pups they are! We were fortunate enough to get the last available pup in a litter, and weren't able to pick up our new furr baby at 8 weeks due to travel - so we had to wait till 10 weeks to get her. The family that owns/operates Harmony Acres Farms agreed to board her for the time we were away. We learned so much about this family and how they treat these pups and their own GP's so lovingly.
When it was time to pick up our new puppy Grace, they were genuinely so sad to see her go and wanted updates to know she was doing ok. It really showed me that Harmony Acres Farms isn't a typical breeder - instead they are a farm that raises GP's and has one litter per year out of a passion for the breed. Isn't that what any prospective GP owner would want when wanting to find a GP breeder? When its time for puppy #2 next year, since we've met the prospective dog parents, we definitely would go to Harmony Acres Farms. Hope is amazing and will answer all your questions!"
~Cecelia Evans Laray
"Posting again due to my other review not showing up. Apologies if this is a duplicate but this family deserves 5 stars twice anyway!

We found HAF through a Google search and really didn’t know much about the Pyrenees breed. We just knew we wanted a family friendly dog that could live in a townhome with an active family. When we came across HAF, we started researching the breed and realized the temperament is exactly what we wanted. Then when we visited and met the breeders and parents of the puppies, we KNEW it was the right fit. HAF was willing to talk to us on the phone for hours and answer all of our questions before and after our visit. It’s evident they really care about their dogs going to the right homes. The process of paying for our puppy was easy, and there was no snags whatsoever from the visit to the day we picked up our puppy, whose name was originally Maverick. It was such a joy to visit the property and hang out with the puppies to get to know our little guy in the weeks leading up to the pickup date. It also gave us great peace of mind to know that the breeders are able to extend the pickup date by charging a small boarding fee. Working with HAF was a really seamless experience and we definitely gained friends in the breeders. I think we will certainly be back for another Pyr one day! We had our post-pickup vet check and our little guy is super healthy and growing well. Everyone is already so impressed with how he is walking on his leash, too!"
~Siena Michaud 




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