Seizures In Pets

This is strictly an informational post. None of us are certified vets, we are just learning piece by piece whatever God sends our way, in regards to the puppy and dog business.
Over the Christmas season God saw fit to give us a very interesting experience. As a result of this experience we have learned that worms in the puppies little bodies is something to take very seriously and to stay on top of not only de-worming the mother dog, but also the puppies at a safe age. The resulting consequences of not doing so, can come in many forms, but one is severe anemia caused by way too many worms, transferred through the mother dog's connection to the puppies.  If the mother is not properly de-wormed BEFORE having puppies, and she has worms, she will give an overload of them to the puppies.
Personally in the future, we all plan to stay on top of this. Previously we were using what is called Molly's Herbals, a herbal form of de-worming, but as the worms seem to be able to adapt to the de-worming  fairly quickly, we now use a more stronger form called Durvet Liquid Wormer 2x, which covers every worm possible and which has the active ingredient Pyrantel. This was recommended by our Vet (Animals First Veterinary Service) as a more effective way to rid the puppies of worms, but also not be too intrusive to the young puppies gut flora.
Two of the puppies from our last litter were so anemic that they started having seizures as a result of the pests in their bodies. At the time we had no idea what the underlining problem was, and did not wish to just treat symptoms. We wanted to find out the root issue, and address that. Our vet was very helpful in that area, as she takes stool and blood samples to determine what the body is trying to tell us, and address that problem. Symptoms are only the bodies outward sign that something inwardly is wrong, and since we have no way of exploring the problem inside, with just our naked eye, God has given us warning lights on our dashboards (bodies) to tell us to start looking for answers.
Hope this will be helpful to those of you who may be looking for answers, and stay open-minded when your puppy tries to tell you that something may just not be completely right.

Update on the puppy we treated at home, he is doing GREAT !! No more seizures.... Praise the Lord !!!
Here are some ways we helped the puppies get back on track:
⦁    Detoxing them: Using a blend of  herbs to form a tea to detox them. (Can be added to their water.)  You can find these different recipes online.
⦁    Better food:  A Chicken and Rice Formula recommended by our Vet . Also the real deal is more effective. We mixed Yogurt and other Pro-Biotics such as sauerkraut and goats milk into their food. Really, any type of fermented food is very good to help the body's immune system at a young age. (Also anything that is not tampered with GMO's, that the body might reject.)
⦁    Cleaning their area with essentail oils: I enjoy using lavender (diluted) to clean their area, because of it's mutiple benefits. It smells good, and it naturally repells pests as well as promotes calm.
⦁    De-worming them :-) : Again, the Pro-Sense all encompassing de-wormer.
⦁    For Nursing Puppies: Giving the mommy a better brand of food: Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice Formula, All Life Stages.
Hope this helps.....


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