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Layla is doing great! She is adjusting very well to our family and we are loving her! The boys have been doing great with her. Luke especially likes to play with her, when she wants to chase or play tug of war. Henry is enjoying teaching her to sit and giving her treats. She's doing well with crate training and potty training!
This is Leia (aka STAR) she loves her family especially her kids!!  She is so sweet and laid back! She has kept her freckles although they  have lightened quite a bit! She doesn’t know she’s almost 100lbs and  tries to fit anywhere or on anyone! We can’t wait to celebrate her 1st  birthday on July 4th!!!
We couldn’t imagine our life without her!!!" (7/4/2018 Litter)


"Hunter and Freya are the best pups. They spend their day exploring outside and meeting their chicken friends. They come in at night and get extra cuddles and rubs before we put them to bed. They are eating and growing and make my working from home difficult 😊 I get lots of puppy love through out the day."

~Jamie Rutherford (3/1/2022 Litter)




He has been truly amazing. Did ride home very well and didn’t cry which surprised me. He did stomach sick a number of times which made us very nervous but know that happens sometimes on first day away from litter and is normal. He slept real well which really surprised us since previous puppies carried on for a night or two. His vet visit went well this am and he was very brave. He has not had an accident in the house since he arrived...he has left his Mark in the yard though which we are very happy about. He is listening very well and my wife has him sitting on command which is amazing. We have noticed that he is very treat motivated which should make training easier. Hope you are all well"


Friends at Harmony, wanted to let you know ‘Parker’ is growing to be a fine young lad. He is quiet the guardian and loves to go for walks. He is very calm and has continued to be great around the house. We are very happy and wanted you to know our fur baby is doing well.

~John Murphy (1/19/2021 Litter)



"Dear Mom (Serenity) and Dad (Kody),

I am really enjoying my life here with Brenda, Steve and Maggie! I'm learning so much and having fun doing it. We go on walks, trips to Tractor Supply and I love everyone I meet. The cats in our house still don't want to play me, and I don't think they like me very much, but like Jesus I just turn the other cheek and love them anyway :)Momma Brenda always tells me what a good boy I am and she gives the best snuggles. I'm eating really well and trying new things all the time. I like when she adds pumpkin, Greek yogurt and bone broth to my kibble and I always clean my plate. Maggie and I don't eat together yet, but maybe one day we will. We went to see my nice doctor the other day to finish up my vaccinations and he put a microchip in me in case I get lost. He said I'm perfect in every way (momma Brenda says that too ;)And I weigh 60 pounds now! Here are some new pictures of Maggie and I. Not only is she a wonderful big sister, she's my friend and I love her.

I'll write again soon. I love and miss you guys,


 ~Brenda Mccullock



"We are doing great! She has gotten so big and spoiled. She does great with the kids and loves to play with our other dog. She has become a huge part of the family!"

~Tiffany Turner



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