From One of Our Puppies

 Dear Mom (Serenity) and Dad (Kody),
I am really enjoying my life here with Brenda, Steve and Maggie! I'm learning so much and having fun doing it. We go on walks, trips to Tractor Supply and I love everyone I meet. The cats in our house still don't want to play me, and I don't think they like me very much, but like Jesus I just turn the other cheek and love them anyway :)Momma Brenda always tells me what a good boy I am and she gives the best snuggles. I'm eating really well and trying new things all the time. I like when she adds pumpkin, Greek yogurt and bone broth to my kibble and I always clean my plate. Maggie and I don't eat together yet, but maybe one day we will. We went to see my nice doctor the other day to finish up my vaccinations and he put a microchip in me in case I get lost. He said I'm perfect in every way (momma Brenda says that too ;)And I weigh 60 pounds now! Here are some new pictures of Maggie and I. Not only is she a wonderful big sister, she's my friend and I love her.
I'll write again soon. I love and miss you guys,

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