De-Worming Your Puppy


Pyrantel  Pamoate

I  use this at 2 & 4 weeks and then if you'd like you could switch to a stronger one later. 1 ml per 10 lbs of body weight is the dosage  for pups, but a little extra is totally ok (and I do give a little  extra) because this product is extremely safe and difficult to overdose  on ***in regards to the dosing conversion: if puppy weighs 1 lb you'd  give 0.1 ml's, if it weighs 2 lb's you'd give 0.2 ml's, 3 lbs gets 0.3  ml's, and so on and so forth. When your pup gets to 10 lbs you'd give 1  whole ml. 11 lb's gets 1.1 ml's, 12 lbs gets 1.2 ml's, etc etc.***
I  give this to mama dog as well when I do the pups. Pups don't usually  mind the flavor, just use a syringe and pop it in the back of their  throat, a little bit at a time so it can't be spat back out. You'll  likely see the little beasties expelled within a few hours after dosing,  especially if you didn't deworm mama dog during pregnancy - when I  deworm I keep puppies contained in one small area because clean up after  a deworming is gross, think 'angel hair pasta covered in dooky, some of  which is still alive and twitching'. Sometimes it takes a few days to  get them all expelled especially if pup has a heavy load (reminder, you  typically dont see any worms at the 2 week deworming. This does NOT mean  the pups don't have parasites. Deworm as usual again in two weeks,  whether you saw worms expelled or not).  Switch to fenbendazole, brand  name: Safeguard, at 6 weeks and use it for a second round at 8  weeks.....have a fecal done before pups leave to ensure all parasites  are gone. I make the switch to Fenbendazole/Safeguard because it's  stronger and covers more parasites (yes, safeguard is a goat dewormer. I  promise you it's safe for your dog's/puppies, and actually it's the  exact same thing as vet prescribed Panacur except much cheaper  *ask if u don't believe me 😉). Safeguard dosing is as follows:  pups body weight multiplied by .227 equals the amount of ml's you should  be giving of Safeguard. Make sure to take note that I put a decimal  point there - POINT two two seven.

So, just a recap:
pyrantel  pamoate at 2 & 4 weeks old, Fenbendazole (sold as Safeguard, which  you can also purchase on Amazon) at 6 & 8 weeks old, fecal float  done before pups leave for new homes to make sure all parasites are  gone. And as always, consult with your vet before making any changes to  your current deworming routines. The new puppy owners should continue  with a deworming schedule for the next few weeks.

Edited to add: I  also feel it's important to mention, when I use this I do it two days  in a row for both sessions. When I switch to the stronger dewormer,  fenbendazole aka safeguard,I use that 3 days in a row for both sessions.  If puppies have loose and/or mucousy stool I use the  fenbendazole/Safeguard for 5 days in a row but that has nothing to do  with this product so there you have it - deworming puppies made easy 😊  And make sure you're deworming mama dog every time you do puppies!  

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